Frequently Asked Questions#

Q. How do I wrap my model?#

See this guide on wrapping models.

Q. Which technique can I use for pre-existing results?#

DMIM, RBD-FAST, PAWN and HDMR methods are “given-data” approaches and can be independently applied.

Q. How do I get the sensitivity results?#

Call the .to_df() method if you would like Pandas DataFrames.

If using the SALib Interface, see SALib Interface Basics.

Q. How can I plot my results?#

SALib provides some basic plotting functionality. See the subsection “Basic Plotting” in SALib Interface Basics

See also, these examples.

Q. Why does the Sobol’ method implemented in SALib normalize outputs?#

Estimates of Sobol’ indices can be biased in cases where model outputs are non-centered. We have opted to normalize outputs with the standard deviation.

See the discussion here.

In practice, non-normalized model outputs are still usable but requires larger sample sizes for the indices to converge.